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No body has become successful in life without mastering the art of communication. Knowing how to speak, when to speak, showing patience to hear more is just one of the strong attributes of communication besides paying attention to body language, reading and writing.

As a freelancer, one important thing I have seen successful people mastering is the art of communication. Their writing, proposals are way stronger than most of the freelancers and therefore they become more successful.

In this ‘FREE‘ course, In about 16 videos, I have tried to cover every possible thing related to communication.

I believe, if one can learn how to communicate, they are better destined to become successful in personal and professional life.

Come on, hop in the car and let’s go for a long drive of master the art of communication.

Are you ready?

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  1. communication in freelancing


    unique experience to type English with out grammarly app. Thanks sir

  2. Being guru is not just a name. It's Brand.


    More than expectation, Real Guru!!!!

  3. Starting is so Awesome. Way of Teaching is excellent of Sir Hisham. Thanks


    5 Star Ratings

  4. Best Instructor i have ever seen


    Never seen such a nice and passionate instructor/Sir who wants to teach his students not only how they can become successful freelancer but also how to become a brand. I really lucky to learn from such a great teacher. May Allah bless you with HIS countless blessings Ammeen.

  5. Best techniques of Communication for every Human-being


    Its time to adopt all these useful techniques to build a good personality with perfect communication. It’s not only about the Freelancing but by adopting these kinds of qualities we can show our own positive personality to the world. Thank you very much, sir, for sharing such precious content with us.

    Best regards

    Murad Khan

  6. Awesome Information


    Thanks, Hisham Brother. you have done great research.

  7. Very Concise and Understandable


    Thanks to Sir Hisham Sarwar,
    For this amazing Course, now I am feeling comfortable a lot more.

  8. Stunning


    World’s best teacher and human

  9. Good Effort Sir


    Dear Sir
    Love to learn from you.

  10. Awesome Teaching


    The best instructor I have ever seen in my life. The course is excellent and it is enhancing my communication skills. Thank you so much Sir 🙂

  11. Real Hero of Paksitan


    You are doing really very great Sir.. Your services are Unlimited for Pakistan and for People of Pakistan.. May Allah Bless you with more.. Salute ♥

  12. This guy is out of this world


    I have no words to explain this real life hero. I mean, why would he do this for FREE when people are charging $. When I first heard about him, my initial reaction was people in Pakistan are just face followers and he will no different. I came to know he is opening a site to teach people free, I laughed telling my friend to wait, he will be busted. Today, I am amazed that not only the site is live but also the course if free and I watched all 7 videos and i am excited to watch more.

    Thank You Hisham Sarwar
    Respect and Love from London
    Aamir Khan

  13. nice course guru


    really helpful

  14. Just Wonderful


    Love Your work.

  15. Course is Superb


    This is a really fantastic course and batter than udemy and lyada 100 and 200 dollar courses.
    course content is more than expectations. hats off to you sir.
    Salute hay Sir aapko

  16. I like this course


    outstanding course for beginner to expert.

  17. Above The Expectations.


    Boht Umdaa Guru g.. Kindly isi tarh Rah-e-Rast Dikhaty rahen. Jazak Allah

  18. stunning


    best teacher best instructor real guru thanks sir*

  19. Best from The Best


    I studied Business communication in last semester and believe me This course taught me more than the whole semester



    In this Technology ERA not one can teach you great things with out his benefits but salute to this MAN he is teaching us without any (Avarice) Thank you SIR HISHAM

  21. Communication Skills


    Bohat zaberdast, aisa teching method pahly kabhi nahi daikha.
    Thank you. Keep it up.

  22. Sir Hisham is hands down the best teacher for freelancing!


    I started taking his course of freelancing on from where he become an inspiration for me. I started following him on social media and stumbled across a post in which he introduced this course. Without a second thought, I enrolled myself in this course and I am glad I did it. Thank you so much for your untiring efforts sir. We all owe you a lot.

  23. Amazing


    great experienced gain from fantastic communication free course which is free of cost given by Sir Hisham Sarwar. Thanks, A lot

  24. A Man With Best Techniques (Sir Hisham Sarwar)


    Thank Yiu So Much Sir For The Providing Us A Unique & Helpful Content.

    Thank You So Much

  25. Thankyou Sir Hisham


    Thank you Sir for the best communication techniques and tips.

  26. Great work sir..


    A very impressive way of teaching
    JazakAllah, sir.

  27. A True Hero


    Thank you sir for providing us a huge opportunity to improve our communication.May you live long!

  28. Brilliant


    Thank You Sir Hisham for awesome videos on communication skill. Your teaching method is simply amazing and the best thing is that you teach us for free without charging anything . I learned many new things thanks to you and this course. God bless you.

  29. Hafiz Usman Shaukat


    Dear Sir, JazakAllah for your efforts you’ve made for us in improving our communication skills. I’ve personally learnt many things from this course.

    May you be blessed with a successful life here and in the hereafter, Ameen

  30. 5

    thank you sir for giving us this opportunity .Jazakallah

  31. Sheikh Ishtiaq Ahmed


    Outstanding, simple and mind blowing stuff. Now onward writing last time, there is, there are, really, very, alot, so, give a, did a, made a. Thak you Sir Hisham, God bless you

  32. Best Course Ever


    Simply Just Awesome!

  33. 5

    I would like to say congratulations and thanks to Dear Sir Hisham launching the site and give us a chance to be the part of international standard training programs like “The Importance of Communication in Free Lancing” i have already learnt very much from Sir Hisham i Pray to Allah that Sir Hisham and team may flourish more and more.



    It is well structured and designed. Explanations are very clean and professional.

  35. level


    very good effort sir ALLAH BLESS U WITH THE MOST

  36. Guru jee tussi greet ho


    Learn many things,
    how to write, avoid words like a lot, very, so, and use active verbs over passive verbs.
    Thank you, Sir, Hisham Sarwar.

  37. Great mentor!!


    Great mentor. I have learned and developed so much from and I am confident I will continue to grow.!!



    Great Communication Skills
    Great Motivator
    Great Teacher

  39. It's too short.


    I did not expect such a short course that is not covered even beginning level.

  40. Is it last?


    Strong Verbs over Weak Verbs. Is this the last topic of the course?

  41. 5

    Awesome Video Thank you, Sir

  42. Best instructor of my life


    sir, you are a good instructor. I am really lucky to learn from such a great teacher. I have no word to define to yours. Thnkx for your struggle for my future.

  43. Best Course


    Thank you sir for making this course

  44. Awesome Writing Hacks


    Thank you Guru Jee this course can be compared with the cracking keys of different software’s everyone should learn these tips and do try to apply them in their life will try to practice these and will work hard in introducing my next version once again shukriya Sir g for teaching us all these

  45. Wonderful Guidance


    Thanks sir, you explained very well about the communication which is used in freelancing and other fields of life. I learnt many things for your videos.

  46. You Are The Only Pakistani To Whom i am Proud of & Truly Inspired !


    Such a Wonderful & Amazing Content As Usual!
    You are The Only Pakistani To Whom I am Proud of & Truly Inspired! Sir
    No One is working From Such a Gross Root Level as you are doing to Bring Real Change.
    You Are The Life Saver!
    A plethora of Love & Respects!

  47. Starting and ending was interesting


    Sir Thank You for providing an informative course. You are a great person.

  48. Great teacher . you are a real "Maseehaa" for Pakistan.


    God bless you sir !

  49. Amazing enjoyed of learning


    Wow! Amazing I can’t believe! learning from the great expert, In Free of cost, This is an honor to learning from you.
    The noble cost for freelancing, much more as a contribution to Pakistan. You are the Hero.
    Years of experiences, research, and updated content for learning available. Importance of communication well and awesome practical tools. all video, content gives more motivation, easy move to grip to the task done.
    Thank you so much Hisham Sarwar.
    Stay blessed 🙂

  50. Than you


    Thanks for everything. This help alot

  51. Thanks sir G


    This course is very important of freelancing and communication language…

    Thank you so much Sir Hisham Sarwar.
    God blessed you

  52. A Communication Blueprint: Simple, Concise yet Comprehensive


    All the contents from the outset to the concluding part are fully engaging. The instructor has mastery over the delivery of thoughts and concepts. Every bit of information flows in an organized and structured manner, capturing the listeners’ attention. You never disappoint us and it goes without saying integrity is the trademark of BeingGuru. More power to you.

  53. Amazing Sir


    Great Mentor

  54. Zabardst


    Best communication course i have seen ever

  55. Fasiha mairaj


    Deep emphasis on communication

  56. 5

    it is really great and helpful for a freelancer or a begginer

  57. A bundle of Thanks sir G.


    Allah apko hamisha khush rakhy. The thanks I pay to you will always be less than your efforts that you have all put in here for the successful life of others.
    You will always remain live in the heart of us.

  58. A bundle of Thanks sir G.


    I learned much. These were informative videos. I have recommended for my brother and some of my friends.

  59. Time Effective Course


    Alhamdulillah, We have great mentors like YOU. You are the shinig super star brand embassador of our beloved Country PAKISTAN. Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing knowledge

  60. Great training


    Thank you Hisham Sarwar sb for this great communication course I am so happy to here with you

  61. Help Me Alot.


    wow, it was a mind-blowing course and helps me a lot to learn something and I will try to use the things that I learned from this course.

  62. Master Communication and Become a Guru.


    It was quite a unique experience. Got to know about the little mistakes that I didn’t knew i was making. Learned the importance of body language over spoken language. Thank you Sir 🙂

  63. Just the course I was looking for!


    I am impressed by the Instructor’s communication skills. Loved the course from start till end. Looking forward to more courses like these by Sir. Hisham.

  64. 5

    MASHA ALLAH Sir Hisham Sarwar Thank U so much for make this course very Briefly. and a lot of thanks for free. Love u sir

  65. Excellent


    It will help me to become more professional.

  66. Excellent


    It will help me to become more professional. thanks sir

  67. Great value.


    Course is great for beginners.

  68. Selection of content and background music is awesome.


    Thank you very much Sir Hisham, great work you did for us…

  69. Quite informative


    Just know the importance of communication skills. Thanks for offering this course.

  70. Great Sir!


    Really Really good course for communication!

  71. Thank you sir


    You are such an amazing and inspiring person.

  72. Communication in Freelancing Course


    AOA Sir, As always you have done a great job. Thanks for passing down the knowledge which you learned for your experience. It is going to be of great help when i start my career as a freelancer(Insha Allah) .Stay Blessed.

  73. 5

    Hisham Sarwar, thank you for this wonderful course. I have learned many ways to improve my communication skills. I will recommend this course for everyone to improve his communications skills for the freelance marketplace and as well for our social life.

  74. An amazing course from a amazing instructor..


    God bless you..

  75. Wonderful


    Mashaallah Great

  76. Best Instructor


    Thanks Sir,
    Many helpful course

  77. 5

    I am grateful for dear sir Hisham Sarwar that he made this course as free course. Fabulous way of teaching. Bravo!

  78. Awesome way of teaching with fun & examples.


    I have never seen such an amazing course on communication that is actually related to Freelancing. I am also doing your Freelancing course on DigiSkills in Batch-04 . Whats an amazing way of teaching with fun & real life examples. May Allah bless you with more & more happiness and progress in your life.

  79. course


    nice videos nice course thanks sir Hisham sarwar

  80. So informative and helpful not only freelancing


    so informative and helpful not only for freelancing but in daily life also.
    thank you Being guru.

  81. Communication in daily life and specially in freelancing


    Communication is an art and sir Hisham is an artist. Amazing course with useful information. Jazakallah

  82. Effective Instructor I Have Ever Seen


    I really appreciate sir Hisham Sarwar for this great effort.

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